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  • John F Byrne

Being ASTHMATIC in the time of COVID19:

While chronic respiratory conditions are noted as a risk factor for severe manifestations of the Novel Coronavirus, the view from the front lines HAS NOT consistently shown that your average, controlled asthmatic is at very high risk. (Much of the information coming in is anecdotal, as unfortunately much of the information we use to respond to this epidemic will be). WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE ASTHMA: 1- Maintain control of your asthma(and the inflammation that is the trigger for symptoms). STAY ON YOUR MEDICATIONS..... There has been ongoing discussions among us doctors about whether inhaled steroids may make one more susceptible to getting the virus, but there is also information coming in suggesting that Inhaled steroids may help to prevent the worsening lung response/inflammation that triggers the more life threatening results of the virus. So at this time, all asthmatics who require daily inhaled steroids to treat their asthma, should stay on your current medications. 2- Stay inside and limit your contacts to people in your immediate family. 3- Anyone with any upper respiratory symptoms or who have had contact with those suspected of being infected, should quarantine themselves away from you. 4- If you must go out for any reason, WEAR A FACE MASK, and be very aware of keeping you hands very clean, and keeping them away from your face. We will know much more very quickly and you should stay in touch with me if you have any concerns. John F. Byrne, M.D.

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